Grow up Sheri!

Well my horrible neice Sheri (link added to the left)is at it again. I get the following email in my box this morning:

Hi, this is sheri hope you all had fun at your dads party....would have gone if I was one told me.............well talk to you later...

Ugh. Yes, we had a family get together last Sunday. Why in God's name does Sheri think that I am somehow in charge of running things and inviting people? Why didn't anyone else in my big family get her email? Why does she choose to bug me?

A few weeks ago I asked my mom what she thought about inviting Sheri and she said that she probably wouldn't want to go anyway, because my SIL (Sheri's stepmother- which she HATES) will be there.

Today, after I read it, I struggled with how to respond to the email- funny thing is that the email was automatically sent to my junk folder, which I just happened to open today to clean it out- ha!

After talking with hubby & my mom, I've decided that any response from me would incite an email war, of which I choose not to participate in, so I've chosen not to respond.

Grow up, little girl.

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mbwillow on
2006-07-21 at 2:38 p.m.